Final Exam (5 ECTS)

Exam rules


- STEP 1: APPLICATION (deadline 10-July-2015)

Choose a topic and send an email to

  1. Materials and fabrication technologies
  2. Material and device physics
  3. Device analysis, modelling and simulation
  4. Circuit design
  5. Bio-opto-electronic devices and applications

You will receive the “title” of your review topic not later than 17-July-2015.


- STEP 2: WORK (deadline 31-Aug-2015)

Prepare a critical review on the topic assigned.

– The review must be shorter than about 10,000 words (excluding references).

– It must be sent to NOT before 21-Aug-2015 and NOT later than 31-Aug-2015 (manuscripts will not be accepted before and after). After your submission you will receive an email as confirmation.


STEP 3: EVALUATION (deadline 28-Sep-2015)

You will receive your evaluation by email not later than 28-Sep-2015. If you will be successful, you will receive by mail and email your statement.